Thursday, 20 October 2016

Planning the Perfect Halloween Party

Tis the season for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, jumping in leaf piles, and of course, Halloween! Throwing any kind of party can be complicated, make it a themed party like a Halloween party and you have that much more to think about. Here are some ideas we thought would spark your creative side and add that extra touch to make your Halloween party one for the books!

It may be hard to believe, but sometimes it is possible to over-decorate. Adding little touches like these can be the key to giving that eerie vibe of Halloween.



For any themed party it is important to carry out the theme through every detail, including any food you will be serving. These fun and creepy Halloween snack ideas are sure to keep your guests nourished and creeped out at the same time!


To follow the recipes, click the links:

The invitation to your party is where your guests get their first glimpse of how your party will look and feel. Here are some invitation ideas from a classic card style invite to a more interactive invite with a box, spider, and scroll you have to open to read your invite!



We hope these little ideas get your spooky juices flowing and help you plan an eerie good time!

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Our Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends of 2016

Wedding invitations have evolved so much over the years that they have now become more of a work of art than a source of information. Inputting the details of the wedding is the easy part; but how about the colours, the shape, the graphics, or the texture the invitation? Considering all these minor details can be a whirlwind of confusion. We’ve a list of the top 10 wedding invitation trends of 2016 to help you create your that perfect invite!

Creating a monogram not only adds a detail to your invitation, but can be placed on a vinyl dance floor, a slideshow, the cake, favours, and even napkins.

Include a Photo
How about turning a gorgeous engagement photo into your invitation? It doubles as beautiful photo for your guests to keep of the beginning or your journey.

Your invitations general set the tone for your wedding. If you are planning on having a rustic themed wedding, opt to carry out that theme through your invitations as well. These burlap-wrapped invitations with a wood tag are a great choice!

Take a look at this gorgeous gold caged invitation! If your wedding is going to consist of lots of glam and luxury, encasing your invitations in a luxurious pattern will have them awe.

2016 is definitely the year for sparkle! From bridesmaids’ dresses, to cake designs, and all the way to invitations, sparkle has enchanted and has yet to fail in dazzling guests.

Envelope Liners
Why not surprise your guests even before they take out the invitation with gorgeous envelope liners. The options and possibilities are endless and add that wow factor to your invitation.

Geometric Designs
Forget using traditional card as your invitation, check out this cool geometric shape and pattern as an invitation!

Pop-Up Selfie
Nothing will surprise your guests more than something popping out at them, within reason. We’re talking about exploding confetti or anything (although that is an option), we’re taking about a pop-up picture of you and your partner asking your guests to attend your special day like these ones!

Elegant Dark Colours & Calligraphy
If attention grabbing is what you’re aiming for in an invite, then choosing to go with dark bold colours with a pop of bright ones is your answer. These black invites with bright florals do just that. Keeping with the dark theme, add some elegant calligraphy to your font and you’ve got one stylish invitation.

Clean and Crisp
Sometimes there can be just a little too much detail making things to busy and overpowering (hard to believe right?). To avoid running into this issue, choosing a very crisp and sharp design with clean lines for an invitation is a great idea.

As always, the possibilities are endless, but keep in mind some of these tips and ideas when planning your invitation style and you’ll end up with stunning results!

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Wedluxe Surreal Romance Shoot

Fab Fête Event Planning Boutique recently produced a style shoot for Wedluxe Luxury Wedding Magazine showcasing new and fresh colours and décor that are up and coming in the wedding world. We brought together many of the leading companies in the events industry to bring to life a vision inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dali, depicting elegant details that make a wedding as memorable as can be. With romance in the air from wedding season, this style shoot perfectly encompasses all of this years trends, from the blush and violet flowers to the dark eyes and lips, everything in this shoot screams 2016. Our Surreal Romance shoot is the perfect destination for curious brides wondering what this year's popular wedding trends are. Check out these gorgeous photos!








Décor and Floral Design: R5 Events
Stationery: Paper Damsels
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Jewellery: !Xam Diamonds
Hair Stylist: Rose Corbo
Makeup Artisit: Bridezilla Beauty
Reception Furniture and Rentals: Luxe Modern Rentals
Casper Chairs: Simply White Life
Doors and Lips: Event Rental Group
Alabaster Plates and Bormioli Glassware: Plate Occasions
Cutlery, Glassware, Chargers and Plates, Catering: Tato
Sommelier: Charles Cassibo
Dance Floor: Dance Floor Décor (Vinyl for Table, Aisle Runner and Chairs)
Cinematography: Vincent Andres Films

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding that drop dead gorgeous dress can be a challenging and daunting experience. There are so many factors to consider; fitted or not fitted, strapless or cap sleeves, long train or short train, and many others. We’ve tried to cut your search time in half with some tips to remember when on the hunt.

Dress Shapes

Ball Gown
This is the true fairytale dress. Commonly associated with Cinderella, this “princess” dress is filled with crinoline underneath to give it give it that poofy look. The top of the dress is fitted like a corset. Apart from having uncovered shoulders, this dress does not show off your body at all. Everything is more or less hidden underneath all that crinoline. If you’re looking for a serious eye-catcher and something more traditional, this is for you.


Similar to the Ball Gown, the A-Line style flows out from the waist but is a straighter cut than the “poof” of the Ball Gown.  This style allows for the attention to be drawn more to the upper part of the dress and the face rather than the bottom. Many A-line dress styles have patterns on the bottom half of the dress such as lace or a floral design.


Picture a mermaid, a fitted top half with a tail that flares out at the bottom. This dress is exactly that style. If you have a body that you like to show off, this could be a great look for you. A corset-like torso to extenuate the figure with a flared out bottom will definitely turn some heads. 

As it states in its name, this dress is very straight cut like a column. It does show off your figure but less than the Mermaid or Trumpet and more than the Empire. The column dress sits well in between.

The tight-fitting torso of the Mermaid style may be a little extreme for some brides and the Trumpet can be a great compromise. Similar to the Ball Gown, this dress is fitted at the top but flares out around the mid thigh area as opposed to below the knees which allows for a little more movement than the Mermaid.

Most waistlines on dresses start at the waist (hence the word).  However, on this dress it starts just below the bust, which has an elegant flow to it and, if you are shorter and want to feel just a bit taller, the Empire waist can help create the illusion of a longer and taller body shape. 


Simply put, the neckline of your dress depends solely on the amount of coverage you feel comfortable with. Necklines can always be adjusted to compliment the style of the dress.

The Train

Sometimes this is a detail that can be overlooked and become a problem on the big day. The style of the train can depend on several factors; where the ceremony is taking place, the kind of dress, and how likely you and others are to step all over it throughout the day.

Even after considering all these different aspects of wedding dresses, it boils down to only one thing, how you feel in it. It’s your day and you deserve to look and feel your best. Although all these tips may help, make sure to go with your gut.

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